Buyer will ensure this dog to have proper food, water, and shelter at ALL TIMES, and to receive veterinary treatment when necessary, including routine vaccinations (DHLP-P/Rabies at minimum). Buyer agrees that the treatment of the dog will be loving and humane for the entirety of the dog's life, and that they will be legally and financially responsible for the needs and care of this dog from this day forth. Buyer agrees to sent photos and updates at least yearly. JNC Critters cares about our pups and always Want to know they are loved and well cared for.
             If the dog is purchased on full AKC registration, buyer agrees that the dog shall NOT be bred until 18 months if male, 24 months if female. Buyer also agrees that any dog with a spot coat (harlequin, merle, fawnequin, brindlequin etc) shall ONLY be bred to a solid coat partner and that NO SPOT TO SPOT BREEDING will be allowed. If two spot coat dogs tie, the pregnancy must be terminated immediately to prevent the likely health issues caused by double merle breeding.
            If the dog is purchased on limited AKC registration, buyer agrees that the dog WILL NOT BE BRED, and that on or before the dog's second birthday, he/she will be properly spayed/neutered. If you have not yet submitted your dog's AKC registration, you may choose to purchase the full rights to the dog at any time up to the dog's second birthday. By age 26 months, proof of spay/neuter must be provided to Seller or full rights must be purchased at a cost of $1000.

            If dog is bred without full registration rights, Seller will reclaim dog without refund. If dog is pregnant, Seller will have all legal custody and rights to any puppies birthed. If dog is no longer pregnant, Seller reserves the right to pursue legal recourse in the amount of $1000 per puppy that was birthed, in addition to any veterinary costs incurred for the cost of necessary medical treatment for the bitch dog. 

             If buyer cannot retain possession of the dog for any reason, they agree to contact the seller immediately. Seller retains first right of refusal, and dog may not be sold/given to any third party, company, facility, or animal shelter. Seller has 30days to reclaim the dog without refund, after which time buyer can request up to 50℅ return cost or work with seller to arrange alternative adoption for desired adoption fee.
             Buyer agrees to maintain updated contact information regarding the dog's whereabouts for the extent of the dog's life. This may be done via email or phone.  
             When buyer registers the dog with AKC, the dog's registered name must end with JNC. Seller has put careful planning and resources to create the dog, therefore the kennel name MUST be at the end of the registered name so Seller may track the dog's registration, AKC event performance etc.   
             Buyer agrees that deviation of ANY of the above constitutes a Legal Breach of Contract, and dog may be collected, voluntarily or involuntarily, at the Seller's discretion provided that Seller can provide legal proof of violation, including but not limited to sale postings, social media posts, or messages between Buyer and any other party. Seller is not required to provide such proof to the Buyer, but will readily provide it to any ruling court of law.     
             Should buyer need to withdraw from purchase prior to receiving their puppy the deposit amount paid will be forfeited.

 JNC Critters Initial health guarantee

            The pup has been checked by the breeder’s veterinarian, DR. RANDY HAYES 1189 Entrance Rd. Leesville, LA 71446 (337)537-2454 and was found to show no signs/symptoms of injury or illness. 
             It is recommended that you take the pup to your personal veterinarian within 48 hours of bringing the puppy home. 
             If your veterinarian finds any life threatening illness which would be likely to have been contracted prior to leaving our home, we will refund you in full in exchange for the return of the pup. 
             In the case of non life threatening illness breeder will pay the veterinarian of diagnosis directly for treatment. Buyer will be required to contact us while still at the vets office in order to do so. 
             Under all circumstances we do require a written statement with contact information from your veterinarian which clearly outlines their findings, and breeder may request a second opinion from a vet of their choosing (but within reasonable locality to your location) at their expense. 
             Failure to follow through with this step will void the guarantee.
             Buyer will be responsible for the physical return of the pup to the address listed for the breeder on the first page of this document. Breeder is not, however, responsible for any illness found after the initial 48 hours, as many illnesses have a low incubation period and can be contracted after leaving our home.
            Failure to follow through with these step will void the guarantee.


JNC Critters 2 year genetic health guarantee

            Nutritional guide and recommend foods and treats will be provided should the buyer make the decision to place your puppy on a “GRAIN FREE” diet and is diagnosis with any kind of heart health problems the health guarantee is VOID.
             Any health guarantee of any sort will be VOID if it is found that the puppy has been taken to unsafe locations prior to the 16 week vaccinations. Unsafe locations include most any places where large numbers of animals gather, including pet stores, dog parks, walking trails, etc. Until the animal has been FULLY (4 rounds) vaccinated at 16 weeks, he/she should remain in your home and only be allowed outside into areas that you know are free from contaminants such as parvovirus, which can live dormant in soil for years, be easily contracted to young puppies, and is often fatal.  
            This puppy is guaranteed against congenital defects for 2 years from the delivery date. Should the puppy die within that time as a direct result of a congenital defect, the puppy will be replaced at the breeder-seller’s expense, only if an appropriate necropsy is performed by a licensed veterinarian and a veterinarian certificate is provided as proof of cause of death, and death is not due to anything caused or related to buyer, buyer’s home, or anything buyer may have exposed to the puppy. A replacement will come from the next available litter, or a refund will be considered by the seller. 
             If a severe congenital defect is detected within 2 years of the delivery date, not leading to death of the puppy, a replacement puppy of equal value will be provided from the next available litter. If a replacement puppy is provided, the original puppy must be returned at the buyer’s expense.   
             The seller will pay shipping or transportation on a replacement puppy, buyer is responsible for the transportation of the original puppy back to the breeder. 
             In the case of hip dysplasia, which will be covered up to 2 years of age, purchaser must provide the seller with proof of hip dysplasia in the form of documentation from OFA (the dog must have rating of moderate to severe to be considered compromised) on or before 2 years of age. Buyer must also be willing to release x-rays from their veterinarian to the seller’s veterinarian for analysis. While seller has made every effort to prevent congenital diseases from developing in the dog, no one can guarantee that they will not. In the event the dog is diagnosed with a severe congenital defect, the seller reserves the right to have the dog’s diagnosis confirmed by another veterinarian of the seller’s choice and/or require the purchaser to have specific tests completed on the puppy to prove diagnosis, at seller’s expense. If seller’s licensed veterinarian disagrees that the dog suffers/ suffered from a genetic defect, the parties shall agree on a neutral third veterinarian, whose decision shall be binding.
             In the event the dog is diagnosed with a congenital defect, the purchaser must be able to show proof from a licensed veterinarian that the said dog is clear of Lyme disease by the performance of heart worm testing, and documentation of regular up to date Lyme shots from the age of 12 weeks old, or this guarantee is null and void. This is because Lyme disease can cause irreversible structural damage, joint damage, and organ damage to the dog, many of which present similarly to congenital defects. 
             Due to many factors involved in the rearing and caring for this puppy that are beyond the control of the seller, there are NO guarantees on temperament or size. Covered conditions include: Hip Dysplasia (OFA Mod-Severe), Genetic Sight or Hearing issues, Congenital Heart Defects and other defects that are caused solely by genetics and are not in any way influenced by the manner in which the animal has been housed, fed, or kept by the purchaser or purchaser’s agent. 
            Purchaser understands that the following slight defects are not considered life threatening and therefore are not covered under the health guarantee: hernias, HOD, undescended testicle, under and over bites, allergies, internal and external parasites, heat exhaustion, hypoglycemia, cherry eye, or Entroption. The seller does not guarantee against problems of gastric torsion of the stomach such as bloat or colic as this is common to the Great Dane breed and is not considered a genetic defect.
             This contract is legal and binding to all parties involved. It applies only to the buyer and seller in this original transaction, and NOT transferable to other parties. If the buyer should break any part of this contract agreement, at any point, the buyer acknowledges that their guarantee is and will be VOID.